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Report on ‘A comparative analysis of customers’ perceptions about KFC & McDonalds in Kolkata’

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 1.1. Study Background
 1.2. Study Area
 1.3. Aim and Objectives
 2.1 Industrial background
 2.2. Introduction
 2.3. Changing perceptions of Indian customers
 2.4. Service quality and customer satisfaction
 2.5. Strategies to change negative perceptions
 3.1. Introduction
 3.2. Data Used
 3.3 Special characteristics
 4.1. Introduction
 4.2. Discussion of results
 5.1. Introduction
 5.2. Discussion
 6.1. Conclusions
 6.2. Recommendations


The culture of branded fast food industry in India is relatively new, compared to some of the other countries. In the last decade or so, the Indian consumers have shown a prominent tendency to embrace this culture, which was alien to them until the arrival of branded fast food giants like Mac Donald’s and KFC. In the last few years, both these franchises have emerged as each other’s competitors. The aim of the research work is to explore the perceived values of these two franchises among the target customers. As both KFC and Mac Donald’s have a number of outlets in the prominent metro cities of India, Kolkata has proved to be an ideal location for the research work. The objective of the research is to draw a comparative analysis between the two franchises in terms of customer perceptions. Also, the research work tries to explore exactly which aspects of the two brands in question create positive or negative perceptions among the consumers. The research is not limited to the comparative analysis between KFC and Mac Donald’s only. Rather attempts have been made to evaluate consumers’ attitude towards branded fast food industry as a whole. The respondents have been requested to express their opinions on the basis of a questionnaire provided to them. No specific criteria have been used to select the respondents. Rather, those customers who were present in the visited outlets have been approached randomly. On careful analysis of the data collected some interesting perceptions about the two franchises in question have been revealed. These information have been helpful in comparing the two fast food operators.<br />

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