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Report on Cyert’s organizational leadership perspective and Stacey’s organizational dynamics perspective

Number of Words : 3394

Number of References : 13


 Introduction 4
 Critical Analysis of Organization’s Leadership and Management Approach 5
 Analysis of Control and Chaos in the Organization and its Implications on the Business 7
 Conclusion 10
 Recommendations 11
 References 13


Leadership refers to a process used by a leader who responds to various situations effectively and strategically to achieve the organizational goals rather than just use authority gained by the job title (Feldman, 2003). In this process leaders decide on a direction for followers and show them how to achieve the desired common goal by influencing their thoughts, attitude and actions (Bolman & Deal, 2013). Organizational success and failure in the earlier decades used to depend on the top management competences and control as not every member of the organization had the required capability due to lack of resources for learning and development (Griffin et al., 1999). But today, with increasing opportunities to learn and gain skills and knowledge from different sources and due to highly volatile market there is a need of diverse ideas, strategies and sharing responsibilities to achieve the desired goals and achieve sustainability (Bolman & Deal, 2013). Organizations today, emphasize on having more than one leaders to achieve sustained growth. Leadership approaches have emerged over the years and the leadership style has moved on from autocratic to transformational. The report critically analyzes the leadership and management preferences at National Bank of Oman (NBO) where author of this report works. The analysis is done based on the theoretical concepts of Cyert’s organizational leadership perspective and Stacey’s organizational dynamics perspective. The report also analyzes control and chaos conditions in NBO and its implications on business based on theoretical concepts.<br />

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