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Dancom case study - ‘Dancom Case- Russian Voices from a Danish Company’ by Snejina Michailova and Alla Anisimova.

Number of Words : 2307

Number of References : 11


  The Dancom case
  The Russian work culture
  The Danish Management culture
  Areas of conflict
  The middle path


Corporate entities have distinct management cultures depending upon the nation of origin. The American, British, Russian, Japanese approaches to corporate management differ from smaller to larger extents in decision making, prioritizing different management aspects etc.. Some of the management cultures like the American management culture are task oriented and some other such as the Asian management culture with colonial influence are hierarchy oriented (Woldu, Budhwar & Parkes, 2006). When a multinational corporation sets up its operation unit in an alien nation with an alien management culture, chances are that problems with differences in perception of responsibilities and goals might occur if the parent company does not adequately adapt to the host nation’s management culture. It is not just the management culture of the host nation that influences the functionality of the multinational corporation but it is the socio economical background and culture of the middle management and lower management that influences perception of employees about themselves as well as the perception of the organization. The paper discusses the case presented in ‘Dancom Case- Russian Voices from a Danish Company’ by Snejina Michailova and Alla Anisimova. The paper then discusses Russians’ and Danes’ approaches to planning and decision making. The paper tries to identify areas of conflict and suggests middle path for the Danish management in order to survive and flourish in their operations in Russia. <br />

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