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Assignment on Data warehousing methodologies

Number of Words : 2133

Number of References : 20


 Introduction on data warehousing methodologies
 The NCR data warehousing methodologyData warehousing strategy development phase, Planning phase, Design & Implementation phase, Support & Enhancement phase
 The Kimball data warehousing methodology
 Bill Inmon data warehousing methodology
 Comparing data warehousing methodologies
 References of data warehousing methodologies


<b>Data warehousing</b> serves a pivotal role in supporting both strategic and operational decision-making processes. Major goals of <b>data warehousing</b> includes providing access to corporate and organization data, facilitating analytical information processing, efficient information retrieval and providing high quality information for decision making. In this essay, we will discuss the following <b>methodologies</b> and then compare them:<br />1) The NCR <b>Data Warehousing Methodology</b><br />2) The Kimball <b>Methodology</b><br />3) Bill Inmon <b>Methodology</b><br />

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