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Analysis of the famous Deductive case study for e-business

Number of Words : 5121

Number of References : 13

Popular By : Deductive Technologies Strategic management


 Introduction 2
 1) Management Overview 3
 Strategic management 3
 Time and cost 5
 Risk management 6
 Expediting the completion of the project 8
 2) Gantt Chart 8
 3) Financial Plan 10
 4) Change Management 14
 Conclusion 17
 References 19


This report has the following 4 sections – <br />1. A management overview of how you see the project being managed and implemented. A discussion of potential risks to successful implementation and how they may be mitigated. (30%) <br />2. A project plan or Gantt chart, entered into a software package, showing the major tasks, sub-tasks, resources required, deliverables, their relationship and expected completion times. If there is no real start date please use Nov 8th 2010. Also show any additional project management tasks. (30%) <br />3. A revised financial plan taking into account discounted cash flows, with your assumptions and an explanation of your financial plan. (10%) <br />4. A briefing paper to your management team on issues around change management and changing established working practices. (30%) <br />

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