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Destination Marketing Organization Report on Queensland, Australia

Number of Words : 3243

Number of References : 16


 Executive summary 2
 Introduction 4
 About Tourism Queensland 4
 Types of tourists visiting Tourism Queensland 6
 Main Competitors of Tourism Queensland 9
 VFR segment analysis 10
 Effectiveness of the Tourism Queensland website 11
 Tourist Market Critical to Tourism Queensland in future 12
 Conclusion 15
 Bibliography 16


This report is based on the following tasks – <br />a) A discussion about your selected DMO and the destination the DMO represents.<br />This should include a clear map of the destination.<br />b) An overview of the types of tourists that visit your selected destination based on current secondary data (eg from Tourism Research Australia).<br />c) Identify with rationale the destinations that are the main competitors for your DMO<br />– ie what regions are predominately competing for the same / similar target markets as your selected DMO.<br />d) Discussion on the destination’s Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) segment, incorporating literature on VFR travel (at least two journal articles).<br />e) A discussion regarding the DMO’s website that involves analysing how effective this website is in communicating to the destination’s key market segments.<br />f) Explain with a detailed rationale what types of tourist segments are critical for your<br />DMO to market to over the next two years with rationale.<br />

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