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Article analysis - Development and implementation of e-business strategies managed and applied by Kuwait Airways

Number of Words : 2101

Number of References : 7


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 Article Title: “Development and implementation of e-business strategies
 managed and applied by Kuwait Airways”
 By Ahmad Al-Fady
 (International Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 8. No. 9: 2016)
 The research question of the article:
 “Can an airline increase market share and customer loyalty by Achieving competitive advantage utilizing e-business models?”
 The Task:
  Using the research question as the basis for your analysis, critically discuss the methodology, analysis and findings of the article
  Examine the findings on page 47 of the article, and consider their applicability to Oman Air (national carrier) and Salam Air (a low-cost Omani carrier)
  Draw some conclusions from your analysis and put forward recommendations for the future for both Salam Air and Oman Air.


Contents<br />Introduction 2<br />An Overview 2<br />AnEvaluation of the Article Using Other Articles 3<br />An Application of the Evaluation to the Omani Market 4<br />Conclusion 5<br />Reference 7<br />

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