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Development of marketing plan for Disposable Nappies/ Diapers at PROCTER & GAMBLE Australia

Number of Words : 3204

Number of References : 10


 Executive summary
 Product proposal
 Current Marketing Situation
 PESTEL Analysis
 Porter’s Five Forces analysis
 Review of Market size to Compete
 SWOT Analysis
 Marketing opportunity – connecting with the customer
 Developing strong brands
 Delivering value
 Communicating value


Taken together, P&G’s Principles, Values and Purpose are the pillars for its unique culture. Over the past 175 years, the ideas have gone past its services and products because of its employee’s characters. In unity, the company sparks creativity, making impacts, surpassing challenges and generating ideas, which touch and enhance lives. The company has invested heavily in research and development. This resulted in the extension of one of its brands, the disposable Nappies/Diapers that the company hopes will increase its consumer base. In doing so, this report establishes the product extension-marketing plan for the disposable nappies/diapers with specific focus on its proposal, present marketing situation, and marketing opportunity. Additionally, it focuses on development of strong brands, its delivering as well as communicating values.<br />

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