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Difference between building a sports complex in Saudi Arabia and Ireland in terms of the materials used, the weather, terrain, customs and traditions and the use of solar panels

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  The weather
  Customs and traditions
  The materials used
  Use of solar panels
  General distinctive features of a sports complex
  Comparison between an Arabian and an Irish one
  The verdict


Saudi Arabia and Ireland are two fully different countries of this globe as they are different from each other in every aspect. Whether it may be the geographical position, weather or cultures, customs and habits, you just can’t contain them in the same category. This is also evident in terms of the structures and construction procedure of the buildings in these two countries. We are going to draw a line between them in light of the evidences that are available to us. At the end of the discussion we will compare the pros and cons of the architectural methodologies of Saudi Arabia and Ireland on the basis of weather and climate, terrain, customs and traditions, the materials used in the construction of the structures and use of newer ideas such as the use of solar panel. We will use some key points to discuss the facts which are done below.<br />

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