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Comprehensive assignment making a comparison between Trade unions in India and Pakistan

Number of Words : 5224

Number of References : 20


 Executive Summary 3
 Introduction 4
 Trade Unions – Roles and Structure 4
 Roles and importance of Trade Unions 4
 Types and Structure of Trade Unions 6
 State of Trade Union all over the World 9
 Trade unions in India 10
 Evolution of trade unions in India 10
 Major Trade Unions in India 11
 Trade Unions in Pakistan 12
 Evolution of trade unions in Pakistan 12
 Major Trade Unions in Pakistan 13
 Comparison of the Trade Unionism and labor legislation in India and Pakistan 14
 Industrial Restructuring and Responses of the Trade Unions 15
 Trade Union democracy 17
 Employment legislations in India and Pakistan 18
 Engagement and Dismissal 18
 Employee’s rights and Remuneration 19
 Working Hours 21
 Wages and Benefits 21
 Termination Policy 22
 Conclusion 23
 Bibliography 24


Trade unions are organizations formed by the employees in a country to protect their rights and interests. The trade unions are the representatives of the labor force in an organization and initiates negotiation with the management regarding any work related issues like improvement of their work environments in an organization. <br />Trade unions are criticized by the public for their holding of strikes and lockout for minimal gains and are strongly opposed by bureaucratic employers and undemocratic governments who try by all means to ignore the right of association regulated by the Constitution. (Panitch & Swartz, 2003, pp. 26-28). <br />The assignment is based on the trade unionism in India and Pakistan- the evolution and functioning in the democratic and militant governments respectively. The comparative study of the economic reality programs and the trade union democracy and denotes the trade unions as a critical determinant of the industrial restructuring in India and Pakistan. <br />

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