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Short essay on the Differences between the first and the second Industrial Revolution

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The eighteenth century saw the dawn of the industrial revolution in Great Britain. This was the turning point in the history of England alone. The first Industrial revolution had limited scope to Great Britain alone. The nation had plenty of resources but not the right tools to exploit those resources fruitfully and this was seen in the 1st Industrial revolution which hit the Great Britain. The farmers were assigned the role of producing the textiles during their spare time. This would add to the income of the farmers and also lead to the growth and development of the economy of England. The 1st revolution in Great Britain saw the transition of a primitive manual labor economy to more a sophisticated one which is recognized by the emergence of industries and machinery. Where as the second revolution which started in late 19 century and drastically changed the entire world unlike the 1st Industrial revolution which had limited scope to UK.<br />

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