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Essay on different cultures in an organization

Number of Words : 3301

Number of References : 25


 Executive summary on types of organizational culture
 Introduction – Culture, Needs & benefits of culture, Cultural categories
 Goffee & Jones’ cultural model – Sociability, Solidarity
 Networked organization
 Mercenary organization
 Fragmented organization
 Communal organization
 Changing culture
 Action plan to implement change – To implement sociability, To implement solidarity
 Feedback analysis
 Conclusion on organizational culture
 Appendices to types of organizational culture


The report comprises of <b>organizational culture</b>, the need and benefits of cultural categories, which evaluates <b>organizational culture</b> in different models. A detailed analysis of Goffee and Jones' cultural model is given, which distributes the <b>organizational culture</b> into the frame of sociability (social interaction) and solidarity (Dedication towards work). A detailed analysis is done on the four <b>types of organizational culture</b> are described which are Networked, Mercenary, fragmented and Communal which are retrieve from the double “S” Model of Goffee and Jones depending on high and low solidarity and sociability. The challenges that these types of organization face are motivation, execution, tolerance of poor behavior in some organizations, managing the rate of employee turnover etc. followed by the strategies involved in change of culture, which consists of 6 steps involved in changing the process of <b>organizational culture</b>. The necessary action plan to implement the change in <b>organizational culture</b> is also provided.<br />

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