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Essay on Why Is The Study Of Different Theories Of Motivation Important To Managers?

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  Motivation matters: A managers perspective and need
  Different theories of motivation – Content based theories and Process based theories
  Motivation & Culture connection


Rensis explained motivation to be the core of management. Motivation is an effective management tool that boosts up work force towards the working capacity. It is the foremost duty of every manager to motivate his team of employees to work towards the organizational goal to the best of their efforts<br />Motivation is a significant function which every manager performs for triggering the people to work for accomplishment of objectives of the organization. A manager thus should essentially use motivation theories so that he can instill motivation factors accordingly to accelerate the employees to follow them. <br />Another important aspect that management must take care of is catering to the need of culturally diverse workforce. Something that is viable for a person from eastern culture may not necessarily boost up the employees from western culture. <br />To motivate staff to work for the company goals, the managers must determine the drive factors and needs of the employee and shall provide an environment in which appropriate incentives are available for their satisfaction. If the management is successful in providing motivation at its best than it will also succeed in increasing the enthusiasm of the employees to work which in turn help in increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. <br />

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