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Essay on Direct mail is more effective than Online marketing for a new product

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  Direct Mail Marketing
  Online marketing
  Advantages of Email Marketing vis-à-vis Direct Mailing
  Advantages of Direct Marketing vis-à-vis Email Marketing


– The launch of new product requires consumer awareness about the product, its salient features, benefits to the customer on using the new product etc. There are many ways or themes a new product might adopt to appeal to the consumers. Some of these could be the use of the new product as a style statement, as a youth icon, as a product promoting health and well being etc. There are ways to create awareness among consumers about the launch of the new product in the market, the benefits of using it. Some of the awareness creation methods could include promotion campaigns, advertisements in the print and electronic media, billboards and flash displays at key locations in the city and so on. Another age old method of creating consumer awareness about a new product is direct mailing. Direct mailing involves collecting addresses of the target customers or customer groups, drafting a letter with attractive content and to format the letter in such a way that it carries a personal touch. This creates a feeling among the recipients of direct mails that they have received mails that have been specifically sent for them. The internet boom added another dimension to mailing promotional campaign i.e. sending emails to the target customers. This is easier and less time and resource consuming than direct mailing via postal systems. However, there are still many who feel that the age old postal mailing campaign is still more effective than internet marketing using emails. This essay discusses advantages and disadvantages of direct mailing campaign vis-à-vis emailing campaign. The product that is being launched is a new beer brand. The essay finally concludes citing reasons as to why direct mailing is still effective in this age of online and internet marketing. <br />

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