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Report on the discovery of the drug Pantoprazole Sodium

Number of Words : 3148

Number of References : 20


  Introduction on drug discovery
  Pantoprazole Sodium
  Discovery of PPIs
  Discovery and Development of Pantoprazole Sodium
  Technologies and Concepts
  Preparation for the Phase I
  Latest drug development concepts and technologies
  Scope of Improvement


This report answers the following question on the drug Pantoprazole Sodium - <br />• Describe the stages of drug discovery process of your chosen drug. Identify the key areas that have influenced the success of the drug in terms of its effectiveness.<br />• From the stages identified produce a list of technologies that are suitable for achieving the aims of each stage of the process. Give your reasoning.<br />• Devise a work plan for assembling an expert team and showing how each member of the team can help to take the drug to Phase I.<br />

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