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Essay examining a Diversity management system

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Number of References : 11


 Introduction 2
 Need for Managing Diversity 2
 What does Diversity Management Entail? 4
 Measures required and Challenges faced in Managing Diversity 6
 Conclusion and Findings 7
 References 9


Diversity as a concept has grown in its definition mainly as a result of environmental factors and subsequent research that has analysed its numerous constituents. What evolved mainly as a cultural aspect now encompasses business factors such as methods of operation and productivity. This has given the topic twice the significance in the research and organizational setup (Gilbert et al., 1999). It is especially important in an era in which organizations are struggling to establish and sustain strategic competitive advantages. Technological advances are quickly and equally effectively adopted by all competitors in a field. Only through effective management and personnel abilities it is possible to distinguish the various operators in a particular field. An important component of the HR function of an organization is diversity management which in collaboration with the core functions of the company can be so developed as to establish a competitive advantage over rivals. Therefore in the below sections, a diversity management system is examined from a number of perspectives. In particular, the various constituents of a diversity management system are studied and the various challenges encountered in the implementation of such a system are estimated. An attempt is made to gauge the resources and functions necessary for the adoption of a complete diversity management system (Black & Boal, 1994). <br />

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