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Opinion Piece on ‘Does Euthanasia count to Murder’

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Euthanasia is a practice in which an individual’s life is taken intentionally to benefit the individual in some way. There are many families all around the world who have to make the painful decision whether to let their loved one die intentionally just in order to ease their pain. Euthanasia is not yet practiced in every country and is not welcome by most of the people. The current generation argue that euthanasia can be considered equal to murder and not mercy. They consider life as the right of every human being and cannot be taken away by other individuals or society and the religious belief that taking life intentionally is morally incorrect (Stearman, 2011). Though euthanasia is believed to be mercy killing after the withdrawal of medical aid it still gives the feeling of eliminating an individual since he/she act as burden on society. <br />

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