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Analysis of the famous case study – ‘Driving Growth through a Holistic Strategic Framework – A telecommunication company case study

Number of Words : 1400

Number of References : 10


 This paper answers the following questions on the case study –
 Question 1:
 This case involves a unit transitioning from an entrepreneurial phase into a much larger business entity. What role can HRD play in helping organizations undergoing this kind of development?
 Question 2:
 This "holistic organizational model" described in the case provided a context for strategic conversations among members of the executive team. A key part of the model is vision. If you were the HRD professional working with this or a similar executive team, how would you structure these conversations?
 Question 3:
 There are a number of learning needs to be addressed as this organisation implemented the organizational changes it needed to make. Discuss how you would prioritise and address these.
 Integrative analysis of organisational HRD situation, integration and synthesis of discipline knowledge and technical skills, demonstration of discipline knowledge and application skills.
 In answering the questions, develop a response at a strategic HRD. You will analyse the case situation using the questions provided, identify the key issues and provide recommendations to management at both policy and operational levels, including conceptual and theoretical justification.


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