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E-business report

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 This report is based on the following requirement -
 Scenario 01: Scope & Models of E-Business
 With the continuous advancement of technology, it is a fact that we are living in an era of information superhighway. Information on various products and services, online selection and e-purchasing are at the tip of our fingers or a click of a mouse.
 In this context of organizational evolution, more and more entities are opting to become paperless, virtual organizations than their conventional physical presence.
 E-Business model is just like any business model, which details how a company functions; how it offers it’s product and services, generate revenue and how it will create and adapt to new market demands in an ever changing technological environment.
 There are many successful e-business models that allow businesses to sell practically any product or services online. This method had become an increasing trend in demand to attract the potential and existing consumers of business entities operation in their respective markets.
 Keeping the above in mind, select a business organization either in the product or service industry of your choice and prepare your assignment on the following;
 Task 01: Understanding the scope of E-business ;
 1.1 In focusing at the current business trends, list the various business transaction types and describe the environment in which e - business is conducted.
 1.2 Explain the advantages and disadvantages for an online business.
 1.3 Security and legislation factors play a main role in the e- business environment. Keeping them in mind, explain matters affecting the online business organizations.
 1.4 State the modes of communication available to an e – business.
 Task 02: Understand how the internet works;
 2.1 Explain the concept of internet technologies and their importance in making an e-business successful.
 2.2 Using the key terms, explain the main features of HTML for effective design of website.
 2.3 In designing your own website, examine the distinct difference between the functions of the client servers and the browsers. Explain how the role of the search engines helps to increase visitors to your website.
 2.4 Compare and contrast intranet and extranet. Evaluate the use of both intranet and extranet within the context of a e-business environment.
 Task 03: Ability to use different e-business models that currently exist in the market;
 3.1 Illustrate the different e-business models that can be used to increase organizations market share.
 3.2 Analyze each respective model in terms of its capacity to increase profits.
 3.3 Looking at the current trend in the business models that exist in the market, write a report on future developments in e-business models and how it would impact the business environment.
 Assignment: Part – 02
 Scenario 02: My Own Website
 “First impression is the last impression” this saying generally applies to any individual or organization. It is also very much applicable to an online presence, such as a web site. This powerful tool is considered to be the online representative of any respective organization that needs to create a positive first impression to its visitors to invite or attract them to its website.
 A business website should be visually, audibly appealing and navigationally user friendly.
 “It’s easy to say than done”. As a matter of fact designing a website is much more a subjective matter and therefore very challenging. The key factor in designing a website is KYC “Know Your Customer“, which you need to identify the customers specific requirements and design the site accordingly so that the it will attract more visitors and possibly convert them to customers and in turn generate revenue to the organization, which is the prime objective of any business entity . However there are certain principles that need to be followed in the process of designing a website.
 Most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo follow the concept of “Top of the mind recall“, where popular sites get more attention and be listed among the top in the respective search engine’s list. Some of the main factors are, the number of pages in the respective website and number of inbound links determines the priority list in these search engines.
 Task 04 : Assuming that a leading organization in Qatar had assigned you a project to advise your client and design a suitable website,
 4.1 Explain the key elements of good web design structure.
 4.2 Evaluate the impact of a well designed website to an e - business
 4.3 Chose a business website of your choice and prepare a report that will include all the issues concerning web usability and suggest suitable solutions.


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