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Evaluation and Recommendations of E-business strategies for ‘I want one of those’

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  Performance evaluation and improvement of E-business
  Assessment of
  Recommendations for Improvement
  List of References


‘I Want One of Those’ is an innovative business brand marketing a wide range of products, especially luxury and fun items. Its products are quite popular as gifts. The brand line of ‘I Want One of Those’ reads- “stuff you don’t need…but you really, really want”. Since the range of items is wide, it caters to a large market comprising of varied customers. Unique products and innovative gift ideas on ‘I Want One of Those’ are its selling points. <br />E-business has expanded rapidly and many companies are turning to internet to provide a bigger base to their brand and products. Internet ensures a larger market and therefore, more sales. Hence, to move with the changing times and changing demands of its customers, ‘I Want One of Those’ is also marketing its items online. The web portal of ‘I Want One of Those’ is’. <br />The web site is attracting customers because of its fresh approach. The items are systematically displayed and the services are appealing to the customers. However, there are certain flaws within the site. Further, there is scope for improvement of this e-business through other means. Various aspects like segmentation, branding, elation building, transactions etc have been discussed.<br />This Report has been constructed to suggest measure to improve the e-operations of “I Want One of Those’. The Report has been outlined as- Introduction (2.1 E-business, 2.2 About ‘I Want One of Those’), Performance Evaluation and Improvement of E-business, Assessment of ‘I Want One of Those’ (4.1 Home Page, 4.2 Link Pages, 4.3 Other Services), Recommendations and Conclusion.<br />Application of the recommendations made is expected to improve the e-operations of ‘I Want One of Those’ significantly.<br />

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