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Essay on ‘E-procurement in the strategic management of a tourism organization’

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Number of References : 20


  E Procurement – Tourism industry
  Employment trends in the tourism industry due to e procurement
  Customized services due to e procurement in tourism industry
  Increased economic growth
  Cost reductions and time-savings
  Tourist destination being easily spotted
  Increased Competition
  Low Market entry barriers
  Positive Technology aspects
  Positive Non Technology aspects


In this busy world the individuals find very little time to do everything they ought to do. They are finding it very difficult to spend more time in going for a shopping. Taking the advantage of this situation, many businesses and organisation have began to sell their services through internet. E procurement is a business to business purchases that takes place through e communication. Here the service of the supplies and the services happen through internet. E procurement websites are facilitating the registered users who are qualified to look for the buyers or sellers of the services or the goods. The rates are specified in the websites so that the potential buyers could go through them before taking any purchase decision, There are many organisations who have regular customers who procure things from them online (Connor 2001). These regular customers are provided with the volume discounts as well as the special offers. Service industries like tourism are slowly adapting to the e procurement strategy in managing their business. Here the customers are provided with the information about the place, package details, any other additional benefit offered by the tourism company. This helps the individual who plans to visit the country to make a detailed plan about their schedules of their holiday program when they visit a foreign country. This paper attempts to investigate and discuss the implications of the issues that are found in application of the e procurement in the strategic management of the tourism company.<br />

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