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Assignment on the topic – ‘E-Recruiting’

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  The concept of E-Recruiting
  Benefits of E-Recruiting
  Disadvantages of E-Recruitment
  Contribution towards HR


Hiring is regarded as one among the chief roles of a HR (human resource) manager. Recruitment in a company is an incessant process, even in case if the company is not developing actively, there exists the necessity to appoint due to firing, worker attrition as well as retirement. At times internal reorganization calls for the requirement to have additional hands to deal with specialized accountabilities. E-Recruiting techniques are rapidly turning out to be one among the chief techniques for the HR department (Casper, 1985). Moreover, the long-established technique of recruitment has been modernized due to the appearance of the internet. During the last few years, there has been a huge change in the aspects of Human Resource recruitment along with the ways companies think regarding the recruiting task because of internet. It is highly believed that in the upcoming times, digital hiring and recruiting would persist to grow more and more (Thomas & Ray, 2000). At present, the technique of e-recruitment has been taken up in a number of firms ranging from small scale to large scale corporations. The majority of firms today use e-recruitment with the view to post vacancies and accept CV’s on internet as well as communicate with the candidates through e-mail (Capelli, 2001). There is no doubt in the actuality that e-recruitment proves to be very beneficial for firms today, but at the same its shortcoming should also not be overlooked. Further, this particular paper provides an insight into the concept of e-recruiting along with its benefits and drawbacks. Also, it highlights the experiences of companies who have taken up the technique of e-recruiting. <br />

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