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E-Transformational plan for Apple Inc

Number of Words : 2025

Number of References : 5


 1.1 Introduction 4
 2 Technical Infrastructure 5
 2.1 Successful Technology Integration 5
 2.2 R&D & Innovation of Technology in Apple 6
 2.3 Dominance in Mobile Market 7
 2.4 Knowledge & Security Management 7
 3 Conclusion 8
 4 Recommendations 8


E-transformational planning is the most important aspect of the contemporary and competing organizations today. The basic purpose of this report is to identify the various principles of e-transformational planning and its importance in the competitive world. It is based upon studying and identifying the various principles associated with e-transformational planning of the Apple computers Inc; such as, technology implementation, technology integration, security, change management, innovation, and continuous enhancement of technology and the impact of all these aspects on the continuous growth of the organization. The technology infrastructure of the Apple is maintained and company is making continuous efforts towards developing more campuses and departments for innovation and technology implementation. <br />

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