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Analysis of the famous case study – ECCO A/S – GLOBAL VALUE CHAIN MANAGEMENT

Number of Words : 3052

Number of References : 7


 The paper answers the following questions on the case study –
 1. Critically evaluate how the Ansoff matrix might be used to assist ECCO's global expansion decisions. Using examples from the case study and other relevant sources, show how the Ansoff matrix integrates with other frameworks for external environmental and competitive analysis. What do you conclude?
 2. ECCO has a vision of “integrating the global value chain”. Explain what this means and how - in practical terms - ECCO can achieve this. Use theory and examples to support your answer.
 3. Describe and discuss how ECCO can manage the cultural issues that result from being a global player.
 4. Critically evaluate the idea of innovative production technologies as the basis for sustainable competitive advantage.


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