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Economic analysis of digital camera market

Number of Words : 1686

Number of References : 8


 Introduction 2
 Current Market for Digital Cameras 2
 Demand Supply Analysis 3
 Future Market 5
 Conclusion 6
 References 8


The advent of personal computers, smart phones, tablet PC’s have propelled the camera camcorder market to new highs. The readily available digital imaging software along with digital cameras and camcorders has rendered even a novice to a fairly competent photographer. Photography today is not limited to stand alone cameras but encompasses a varied range of equipments with built-in cameras. Having said that the demand for stand alone, aim and shoot and professional digital cameras is still on the rise thanks to the distinct advantage in quality of the photographs taken. Thus, the paper studies the current global digital camera market with the help of demand supply models. The paper also attempts to forecast the digital camera market in the next five years.<br />

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