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Paper discussing statement of Smeyers & DePaepe on ‘Educationalisaton’

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  What is Educationalisaton?
  Educationalisation & Society
  Educationalisation in addressing Social Issues


Education has been the foundation of civilization. As the human civilization advanced the need to educate the members of the society grew too. All the civilizations emphasized on the need to educate their people. Education has taken an important place in the contemporary times too. However educational research is a relatively new field, which is gaining importance by the day by all the educationists. Imparting education is considered in the current times as an evolving field and newer methods and systems are invented and added to it. Even newer to the education research activities is ‘Educationization’. This is a term used to when education is made the focal point in dealing with larger social issues (Smeyers & DePaepe, 2006). In this new paradigm all the social issues are viewed from educational point and the problems are addressed from it. The social problems are not addressed or viewed at in isolation. Rather they are viewed as the outcomes of loopholes in the educational system. The argument may have its own drawbacks. It may not be possible to link all the social problems to education. Nonetheless, one can commend the fact that educationists in certain quarters attributing more significance to educational process and its impact on the society. The paper discusses the above statement of Smeyers & DePaepe at length. The paper also discusses the opposing viewpoints. The paper analyzes the relevance and practicality of observations of Smeyers & DePaepe on the topic. The paper discusses the views of other authors on the topic and then compares the observations of Smeyers & DePaepe with them.<br />

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