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Report on the effect of a particular macroeconomic decision on business

Number of Words : 1659

Number of References : 9


 Introduction & Background 3
 Macroeconomic Issue 3
 Rationale behind Policy Decision 3
 Intended Outcomes of the Policy Decision 4
 Time Frames 4
 Financial costs and benefits 5
 Arguments in favour of the Policy Decision 5
 Arguments against the Policy Decision 6
 Summary & Conclusion 6
 References 8
 Appendix 10
 1. Nation wise CO2 emission 10
 2. Greenhouse gas emissions- Australia 11


This report is based on the following requirement - <br />1. Choose a particular macroeconomic policy decision for evaluation. This could be one from the list below or another of the student's own choice. International students can choose a macroeconomic policy decision taken in their home country if they wish.<br />2. Critically evaluate the policy decision in terms of the rationale for its implementation and its effects upon business, consumers and the national economy generally.<br />

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