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Analysis and Discussion of the issues raised in the article ‘Effective leaders: charismatic or just plain capable?’

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 The paper answers the following questions –
 Read the article titled ‘Effective leaders: charismatic or just plain capable?’
 Task: Draw on leadership and personality theories to analyse and discuss the issues raised
 in this article regarding leadership styles, personality and individual behavioural
 characteristics. By way of example, think of current or former well-known organizational
 leaders (two or three) and consider their leadership skills and style. What made them
 effective or ineffective as leaders? Do certain leadership styles dominate? Were they able to
 adapt their style and behaviours according to the circumstances?


Leaders as the very name suggests are known to be the development and growth, expansion agents in any organization. Leaders are the ones who govern the people under them to maintain efficacy and efficiency of work in an organization. To sustain their esteem, prestige and also enhance the productivity of the organization, the leaders develop certain set of rules and inculcate that in the working of the business. The followers are influenced by the leaders and do as directed. We all live in a modern society where the competition is very high and needs an effective leader to stay competitive. In this era of modernity and fast growing business, it is important to build on your own your esteem and honor. A leader is the one who does not work on the guidelines already laid down by his predecessors but he makes his own rules to prove himself to be effective and efficient. Today, we believe at strong leadership theory that is transformational and influence many people in a positive way (Bass, R. 2008). They are designed to aim at changes in the human resource management and also manage the human behavior in a highly competitive business environment. The aim of an effective leader is at bringing in success, good performance, increased productivity at cost minimization and profit maximization. Charismatic leaders are the ones who introduce transformation in any organization. These Charismatic leaders, themselves develop and introduce changes in the working place to bring in more effectiveness. They are neither dependent on anyone nor influenced by anyone. They develop their own theories and people are attracted by such theories of a charismatic leader. These theories of a charismatic leader are purely inspirational and stimulating others to go for it. Such leaders are influential and bring upon transformations in the place of work. People working in an organization are influenced by the working of these charismatic leaders (Heifetz, R. 1998). The policies followed by the charismatic leaders are quite influential and effective in the workplace. Such changes are introduced in the organization accordingly from time to time to get the desired results. Charismatic leaders are regarded as the real heroes that can bring upon magic in the organization through their leadership skills. Charismatic leaders are very powerful in their speech and laws and have many followers under them. They are those leaders who understand the current business situation and introduce changes where ever required. They do all this with an aim to bring in increase in productivity, better future of the organization. The charismatic leaders define the mission and vision statement of an organization and contribute to the success of the organization. Some of the big leaders believe in these principles whereas on the other hand, we have the other set of people who assign more value to personality traits rather than following any leadership theory. Such leaders are knowledgeable, modest and through their personal skills operate in the working environment. They are those leaders who deal with people using their personal skills and believe that this will bring success to an organization and not charismatic leadership (Thomas, C. 2007). <br />

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