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Effects of the organizational and employment conditions in which people work on employee attitude and behavioural job outcomes

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 This report is based on the following requirement -
 If we wish to impact upon employee behaviour to gain the best performance outcomes and
 the best outcomes for job satisfaction, we need to consider the organizational and
 employment conditions in which people work – from the job and its goals through to wider
 organisational conditions.
 Using Organisational Behaviour theories and concepts you have studied, examine the effects
 of ‘the organizational and employment conditions in which people work’ on employee attitude
 and behavioural job outcomes such as job satisfaction, intention to quit, organizational
 support, motivation, organizational citizenship behaviour and employees' job performance.


The purpose of this paper is to conduct a psychological analysis putting into perspective the important theories propounded under the study of organisational behaviour, especially the ones relating to employees’ performance at work, their attitudes, affinity with organisational culture, job satisfaction and the like. The researcher will aim to explore the various employment and organisational conditions that are likely to affect employees and their work related attitudes, behaviours and perceptions. For the purpose of this research the researcher consults various academic sources and studies various academic disciplines such as cognitive psychology, experimental psychology, human resources management and related field to gain a holistic approach to the subject matter of this essay. The importance of the essay can only be emphasised by the fact that it will serve as a guide to employers as well as organisational managers in determining efficient methods to run the workplace by increasing employee productivity by affecting their overall satisfaction from work and increasing their motivation regarding their job. The study is structured to first provide an overview of organisational behaviour, proceeding on to familiarise the reader with employee variables such as job satisfaction, attitudes and performance as well as related criterion. The researcher then details the various organisational and employment conditions that are likely to affect employee variables; lastly listed are the effect of such conditions on employee variables. <br />

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