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Report on ‘Emerging Communication Technologies and their application in internet business’

Number of Words : 2065

Number of References : 14


 Introduction 2
 VoIP 2
 Features 2
 Procedural alterations necessary to implement VoIP 3
 Benefits of VoIP 3
 Drawbacks of VoIP 3
 Wearable Computing 4
 Features 4
 Procedural alterations necessary to implement wearable computing 4
 Benefits of wearable computing 5
 Drawbacks of wearable computing 5
 WiMax 5
 Features 5
 Benefits of WiMax 6
 Drawbacks of WiMax 6
 Blogs 6
 References 9


Communication is the lifeblood of any form of business and it has assumed immense importance in this era of cutthroat competition. This competition has become even more intense as businesses became globalised and started crossing political frontiers and geographical barriers. The whole world is now a seamless marketplace (Carr 2004). Internet provided the much needed panacea to communication hassles as it brought in its wake the World Wide Web that enabled instant communication over large distances. Wireless broadband was an automatic continuum and along with satellite communication systems it seemed the troublesome era of communication bottlenecks were now permanently a thing of past (Lofts 2003).<br />Communication technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since last three decades and VoIP, Wearable Computing, WiMax technology and Blogs have opened new vistas in large scale communication (Cortwell 2009). This report discusses the various advantages and disadvantages of these new technologies and how they can improve profitability of internet based business.<br />

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