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Analysis of the famous - Empirical chemical company case study

Number of Words : 3491


 Introduction to the case study
 History & Current market position of company
 Issues currently faced by the company
 Proposed capital budgeting project by the plant manager
 Conservative plan – Concerns raised by different departments, Conservative approach towards Hawkins polypropylene project, Conclusion on analysis report
 Aggressive plan of company
 Compromise plan on company
 Assumptions analysis


This <b>report analyses</b> the various issues faced by Empirical Chemical Company (UK). The company is currently faced with the dilemma of whether to carry out the proposed modernization project involving a capital outlay of $7 million or to carry on with the current operations. After considering all the factors presently affecting the company and the factors which may have an influence on its future operations, a recommendation have been made to carry out the current proposed project but with some the necessary modifications. This is done in order to minimize the potential risks of the project.<br />

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