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Analysis of the famous case study on Microsoft – ‘Employee motivation and retention strategies at Microsoft’

Number of Words : 4385

Number of References : 16


 This report answers the following question on the case study –
 From a Human Resource Management perspective, provide a reasoned and academically underpinned critical analysis of Microsoft’s organisational culture. The response should include analysis of the problems facing the organisation in terms of HR strategy and practice. Discussion should also provide a justified critical analysis of the solutions proposed by Microsoft to resolve these issues. Further recommendations for changes to HR strategy and practice in the future should be suggested where appropriate.


This report is aimed at critically analyzing the organization structure of Microsoft from a Human Resource Management perspective. In order to do so, the report relies on the case study ‘Employee motivation and retention strategies at Microsoft’ by Chakraborty (2010). The report analyses the various problems faced by the organization with respect to HRM strategies and practice. It also critically analyses the solutions proposed by the organization to resolve these issues. Recommendations to the organization wherever appropriate in order to improve the efficiency of HRM.<br />

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