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Analysis of the famous case study - Employee Relations in Royal Mail

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 This paper answers the following questions on the case study -
 Question 1
 With reference to the case study, define industrial relations and evaluate the traditional approaches to industrial relations that existed within the Royal Mail prior to the new employee relations agreements.
 The case study highlights a number of changes that management have endeavoured to implement within the Royal Mail over a period of time. Assess why these changes were deemed necessary and evaluate their impact on the contracts of employment.
 Question 2
 The case study advises that an attempt to build a partnership approach with the Union failed. Evaluate the role of trade unions within contemporary employment relationships and approaches.
 Question 3
 With reference to appropriate ER models, you are an independent Employment Relations Consultant. What would your recommendations be to the Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union regarding the employee relations processes required to resolve the issues and enable the success of the organisation?


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