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Dissertation / Thesis on the topic - Employee stress management strategies for supermarkets in Auckland

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Number of References : 37


  Introduction - Importance of managing stress level in the organisation, Focus of stress management in the organisation, Economic impact of stress on New Zealand supermarkets, General awareness of stress management in the organisation, Stress-busting strategies by International Stress Management Association, Stress management strategies in the New Zealand organisations, Stress management strategy for Auckland supermarket employees, Problem statement, Research questions, Purpose and significance of the study, Design and research method of the study, Exposition of chapters
  Literature review - Introduction to the concept of Stress Management, Definition of Stress, A Rational Emotive Behaviour Approach, Potential factors and consequences of distress within the organisation, Impact of stress on human health’s system, Focus of stress management in the supermarket industry, Stress management in the New Zealand organisations, Stress management in the world wide supermarket industry, Major causes of stress in the work place, Incidence of distress among supermarket employees, Reasons for occupational stress in supermarket industry, Stress management strategy for Auckland supermarket employees, Identifying stress problems in the organisation, Coping strategies for stress control, Stress management techniques for an effective organisation, Rationality of emotions, Managing stress with lifestyle.
  Research Methodology – Introduction, Data collection, Primary data collection, Secondary data collection, Sample process, Questionnaire design, Data analysis, Limitations, Ethical issues
  Findings & Analysis


This study follows a line of investigation about the existing knowledge of stress management strategies among Auckland supermarket employees. The author reviewed number of different issues related to occupational stress and extended the range of discussion about factors causing stress to supermarket employees. To understand the stress factors effectively, an in-depth study has been conducted to investigate the issues faced by the supermarket employees and importance of managing stress levels in the organisation.<br />The primary data has been collected from the respondents specifically selected from four different supermarkets in Auckland city. Majority of respondents working in supermarkets experienced greater impact on physical reactions which contributes to stress and work related injury among employees working in the different departments of supermarkets. Recognising the implications of stress in an organisation will increase employee satisfaction and performance. The outcome of this study identifies the problems causing stress to the workers.<br />This study concluded with a number of recommendations in the supermarket industry to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism among the Auckland supermarket employees. Stress can be managed effectively and inexpensively, if the employees learn what stress is, what are the consequences of stressors, and how to control it effectively.<br />

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