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Assignment on Human Resource Development relating to employee training

Number of Words : 3047

Number of References : 10


 This essay answers the following 2 questions –
 1. Critically evaluate Kirkpatrick’s Four Level Framework of Evaluation Criteria.
 2. Discuss the five categories of training outcomes that are considered important in evaluating training today, using examples where appropriate.


The essay is divided into two parts, in which the first part discusses and draws attention from authors on the evaluation of Kirkpatrick framework of four level evaluation method. The essay draws attention from different authors to determine the impact of training on the employee and how it is improving organizational efficiency. The critical evaluation of Kirkpatrick four level framework of training is analyzed by different authors to determine the impact on employee reaction, behavior, skill set and results in relation to productivity at work. It also discusses on the strengths and weakness of Kirkpatrick framework of four level training evaluation. It has been critically analyzed to reach a fruitful conclusion. <br />The later half of the essay highlights on five major outcomes from employee training. They have been recognized as cognitive outcome, skill based outcome, affective outcome, return on investment and result outcome to measure the impact on training on employee growth and development in an organization. The five outcomes have been described in the paper and discussed in relation to Kirkpatrick evaluation criterion. <br />

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