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Essay on Empowerment of Public health

Number of Words : 2880

Number of References : 15


 Introduction 3
 What Is Primary Health Care? 4
 Models of Primary Health Care 5
 Primary Health Care Development over Last Two Decades 7
 Public Health Care Reforms 8
 Relationships and Sexual Health 10
 Theories of Primary Health Care and Empowerment 11
 Critical Analysis of Theories of Primary Health Care & Empowerment 11
 Conclusion 13
 References 14


Public health empowerment is an important aspect in today’s health promotion practice. Current practices of health promotion spot light on empowerment as means and end of health promotion. Both discernment are not examined frequently for their hypothesis about social changes or community groups like institutions or professionals to create a healthier society. This article tries to analyze the idea of public health empowerment as a necessity to be followed by health practitioners. It analyses various fields like health empowerment among young and adults. This essay tries to identify theories of ‘power’ and ‘empowerment’ intrinsic in primary health care concerned with making any change for individuals, groups and communities. It also intends to reveal skills in decisive and critical analysis and arrangement of academic point of view relevant to public health disputes about primary health empowerment and transformation.<br />Role of Health Practitioners in Public Health Empowerment<br />When we aim to empower the public health, we need to identify the changes and needs of society and then make necessary decisions as to how to practice it in an effective way. Social Determinants of Health, quality life and Well-being is the primary thing to be measured after providing due care to surroundings, the circumstances and the organization that settle on health and exploratory substitute means of facing these issues. In the present essay we are focusing more in a straight line with the questions as to how medical practitioners can do something successfully for constructive change in primary health care.<br />

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