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: Report on empowerment of workforce - A proposal towards maximization of benefits

Number of Words : 2540

Number of References : 10


 Executive summary on empowerment of workforce
 Introduction to workforce management
 Part 1 – Empowerment
 Part 2 – Empowering the workforce
 Part 3 – Proposal towards maximization of benefits
 Conclusion on measures for empowering the workforce
 List of references


This report on <b>‘Empowering the Workforce’</b> is relevant in the scenario of large scale emergence of firms and companies. Competition is growing at an unprecedented rate and thus, we need to look for ways to optimize our benefits in the face of this competition. To acquire a winning edge, it is proposed that a scheme for empowerment of the workforce be undertaken. <b>Empowerment</b>, talked of in business or commercial terms, is the process of assigning power to the employees by making them a part of the decision making process. It is based on the argument that it increases employee satisfaction and thus gets the maximum out of them. The role of managers becomes very significant in this process. Managerial capability is what will decide on the success of the project. Two case studies- one of a large Australia based MNC (AGI) and another of 1300 medium and small firms- have been discussed in the report.<br />

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