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Entrepreneurial Leadership – Analysis of the model alongside Compaq and DAG group

Number of Words : 2689

Number of References : 6


 Acknowledgement 2
 Executive Summary 3
 Comparative Analysis of Compaq with the DAG Group 5
 Entrepreneurial Leadership 5
 Making comparison of Compaq with DAG group on the four parameters 6
 Comparison of Compaq and DAG based on Entrepreneurial Leadership Model 8
 The industry environment faced by Compaq is different from DAG 9
 Reference 12


When nothing is sure, everything is possible is a famous quote by Margaret Drabble. These words seem to be a perfect fit for Pfeiffer who took charge of Compaq when the founder himself was side tracked by the organization to remain in business. His vision and experience made Compaq strong again to gain the number two position in industry in 1993. This case details from leadership perspective have been worked out and a comparison of DAG’s founders and their leadership qualities and the areas of improvement have been pointed out. Further the questions related to Case Analysis have been answered.<br />

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