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Essay on Entrepreneurship in small and medium organizations

Number of Words : 1900

Number of References : 6


 This assignment is based on the following requirement –
 Using suitable evidence, discuss the degree to which entrepreneurship in small and medium organizations is reliant on effective and appropriate leadership for success in transforming an innovative, creative business proposal into realistic and successful entrepreneurial outcome. In your discussion, identify and evaluate the relationship between entrepreneurship and leadership with reference to two different organizations.


In response to changing business economy, leadership forms an important part of the business in 21st century. Leadership revolves around challenging the status quo; it is about stimulating a shared vision amongst all the team members and enabling the human workforce to take steps in the desired direction, aimed at cheering the heart of all. In the current business scenario, leadership has to be looked from the eyes of the followers and stick to the message which leaders have for them. The leaders have been successful in turning the employees into heroes, who best represent the ones, leaders expect from them (Allio, R., 2009). The secret of leadership lies in the fact that, it helps people to grow and attain a competitive edge in the corporate by proving themselves. So, it goes without saying that leadership in the competitive business era occupies a vital role, be it a small or a large organization. An effective leadership traits and principles can help business to effectively deal with the uncertainties, which arise from rapid changes in technology, cross culture functions and new trends of internationalization.<br />

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