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Environment friendly hotels – The need of the new millennium

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  Literature review
  Ecological imbalance
  Ecology in the hospitality industry
  Customers and the green hotels
  Developing countries and the concept of green hotels


Modern civilized world has in the recent past inflicted substantial damages to the ecology. If the damage is not contained now it is going to result in serious adverse climatic effects. Global warming is already taking its toll on hitherto balanced climate across the planet. Mother earth has resources, which, if not utilized conservatively could be extinct soon. So these days every industrial sector is adapting methods and practices to reuse or recycle energy sources like water and derivatives like plastic and aluminum. Efforts are also towards disposal of waste in such way that it does not adversely affect ecology. Hospitality industry substantially uses energy resources and products like plastic that could be recycled. The article takes a look at the current scenario of ecological threats and their impact on our future generations, it dwells into the threats that the hospitality industry poses to the ecology and the need of the industry to go green and the responsibility of customers to support the green cause. The article also discusses common practices implemented in making hospitality industry green. It aims to create awareness in the hospitality industry about going green and among customers the need to support the cause. It also aims to create awareness in hospitality industry among developing countries.<br />

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