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Environmental impact of tourism in India

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 Introduction 2
 Critical Literature Review 2
 Discussion and Conclusion 5
 Recommendations 6
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Tourism is considered to be a one of the fastest growing sectors across the globe and has a significant impact on economic, environmental, cultural and social conditions (Sharma & Raina, 2014). Tourism and environment are related to a great extent. The environment of a destination, its resources and heritage and its socio-cultural attributes are the key elements for evolution, growth and development of tourism in the respective area (Joshi & Dhyani, 2009). Increased tourism activities in such destination most of the times results in overuse and degradation of environment and resources, which can affect the tourism value of the destination (The Views Paper, 2010). Indian tourism industry has emerged as one of the important driver of economic growth and it has significant potential for further growth in tourism due to its rich historical and cultural heritage (IBEF, 2017). But the increasing number of tourists in the nation is leading to severe environmental impact as a result of increase in infrastructure development, waste production and pollution. This report critically analyzes the environmental impact of tourism in India. The report also identifies the gap in the researches and provides recommendations for future research.<br />

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