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Discussion on the Environmental Impacts of Mcdonalds

Number of Words : 3312

Number of References : 13


 1. Introduction
 2. Moral obligations
 2.1 Obesity
 2.2 Trans fat oil controversy
 3. Cultural obligations
 4. Social obligations
 4.1 Adverse effects on children
 4.2 Controversial advertisements
 5. Obligations towards sustaining environment
 6. Conclusion


The report aims to critically analyze the social and ethical responsibilities of Mc Donald’s, a multinational fast food chain. Mc Donald’s is one of the world’s largest chains of fast food restaurants (Peter, Olson, 2005). Franchises of Mc Donald’s are spread across the world. It is a success story which has redefined the art of reaching out to people across the borders (Peter, Olson, 2005). However, in the recent past several questions have been raised regarding the ethical and moral obligations of the organization. Thus, the principal objective of the report is to present an argument regarding the social responsibilities of the organization. The arguments are presented from the point of view of one of the marketing managers of Mc Donald’s. The argument is regarding whether Mc Donald’s should only focus only on maximizing its profits or whether it should also realize and give due importance to its social and ethical responsibilities. The arguments presented in the report emphasizes the fact that instead of restricting itself to an organization whose only aim is to garner maximum profits, Mc Donald’s should concentrate on its moral and ethical obligations also. In the last few years, Mc Donald’s brand values have declined considerably, owing to a number of controversies and debates regarding the way it operates. While presenting the argument, some of the most prominent controversies associated with the organization, in the recent past, have been mentioned. These controversies reflect that Mc Donald’s, over the years, has, to a large extent, neglected its moral and ethical obligations. Ethical and moral questions regarding the activities of the organization has become a common affair in the recent past. The steps that have been taken by the organization, to revive and restore its brand image have not proved to be sufficient. Clearly, the scenario reflects that the organization has failed to fully realize its basic moral and ethical duties. Thus, the time has come, when the organization rectifies and reassesses its strategies. <br />

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