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Report on Implications of environmental sustainability in construction industry

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This report is based on the following requirement:<br />The challenge and drive for organisations to work in a changing and Global environment is great. There has, over the last several years, been contradictory reports and discussions on global warming, pollution and environment sustainability with both organisational responsibility and greenwashing as common themes.<br />The CEO of “Management Foundations Construction” (our company for this exercise will be a construction company building office and apartment complexes in Sydney, Melbourne and Dubbo) regularly reads quality newspapers and trade articles. He has observed that business commentators express contradictory views on the role of business in environmental sustainability.<br />Your brief is to research the implications of environmental sustainability practices in the construction industry and recommend to the board of Management Foundations Construction whether pursuing these new areas of organisational behaviour are likely to contribute to organisational productivity and sustainability. <br />You will need to explain the risks and benefits, both in the short (one year) and long term, of sustainability practices from a construction industry point of view. You will also need to investigate greenwashing and its implications. Please use examples of at least 2 Australian companies to illustrate your arguments. <br />

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