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Essay on How will managers and leaders need to adapt to thrive four years from now

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 This essay is based on the following requirement -
 You are applying for a job with a leading firm of Management Consultants whose portfolio of clients covers numerous industries in both the public and private sectors. They are keen to recruit business school graduates with a comprehensive understanding of modern commerce and organizational demands. The consultancy has a ten year growth plan and is keen to identify candidates who can demonstrate that they understand the complex demands of the contemporary business environment and who can make credible assumptions about the future demands of businesses and organizations.
 As a candidate your task is to write an academic essay (minimum of 1500 words and an absolute maximum of 1,600 words) for the assessors that will help them to make the final decision as to who will contribute
 substantively to the Business Development Plan that they are putting together to set out the future growth of the business.
 The title of the essay you have been set is as follows.
 How will managers and leaders need to adapt to thrive four years from now?


With ever changing customer needs and expectations, rapid technological advancement and increasing competition the organizations today and in future have to change the approach and strategy towards their business operations. This report discusses how contemporary businesses would address the different aspects pf the organization to achieve sustained growth.<br />

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