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Essay on the advantages and disadvantages of Manpower Outsourcing

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 This essay is based on the following topic -
 Manpower outsourcing that leads to pooling various nationalities into an organisation is becoming an international issue because of work diversity. Introduce a scheme addressing this issue. Critically evaluate and discuss its advantages and disadvantages for the organisations.


Globalization has led to increased mobility of capital, resources and spread of various technologies leading to profound impact on employment relations in nations having well integrated global economy (Cullen et al., 2014). It has led to demand for low cost labor from emerging countries, which enable organizations to save increasingly on their operational costs (Gills, 2013). Due to increasing competition and highly volatile market conditions organizations have to look for workforce with diverse skills and talent to achieve sustained growth. The essay critically analyzes how manpower outsourcing due to work diversity is becoming an international issue. It also analyzes the advantage and disadvantage for the organizations.<br />

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