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Essay on the effectiveness of Flexitime scheme in improving employee engagement

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 This essay is based on the following question -
 Improving employee engagement is at the top of a list of human resource challenges being faced by businesses. Flexitime is one of the schemes used by management to address the issue. Critically evaluate and discuss its advantages and disadvantages for the company in the employee's performance and commitment.


Employee engagement is becoming an important practice and is increasingly been seen as priority for the employers as there is a link between employee engagement and positive outcomes (Bridger, 2014). Employee engagement enhances bottom-line profit and enables organizational agility and demonstrates increased efficiency in driving change initiatives (West, 2016). Flexitime is found to be one of the practices, which enhances employee engagement and has been linked to positive employee outcomes, which include decreased stress and improved health and well-being. This essay critically analyzes the significance of employee engagement and how flexitime addresses the issues of disengagement in organizations.<br />

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