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Essay on Why nursing needs nursing informatics and What do nurses understand by it

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 Introduction 2
 Nursing Informatics 2
 History of Nursing Informatics 3
 Value of Nursing Informatics 6
 Importance of Nursing Informatics 7
 Need of Nursing Informatics for Nurses 9
 Understanding of nurses about Nursing Informatics 14
 Future impact of Nursing Informatics on Nursing profession 16
 Conclusion 18
 References 20


Nursing is considered to be one of the noble profession and nurses act as the backbone of healthcare sector. The activities involved in nursing has evolved over the past few years and is considered to be varied and diverse and depends on location of care, patient profile and type of service to be delivered (Cherry & Javob, 2013). Nurses today have increased responsibilities, which includes caring of patients, working efficiently within a team, managing non-nursing duties, education and development and patient advocacy (Black, 2013). Nursing informatics is a specialty, which has changed the approach of nursing practice as it integrates nursing science, information science and health information technology to communicate and manage information, data, knowledge and understanding in nursing practice (Chinn & Kramer, 2014). This report discusses the value and importance of nursing informatics in nursing practice. The report also discusses the need of nursing informatics for nurses and their understanding about nursing informatics. In the end the report discusses the future impact of nursing informatics on nursing professional.<br />

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