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Assignment on Ethical Considerations in Accounting choice

Number of Words : 2862

Number of References : 11


 Abstract: 1
 Defining Ethics 1
 Ethical Considerations in Accounting Choice: 2
 Socially Unacceptable Decisions in Accounting Choice 2
 Illegal Decisions in Accounting Choice 3
 Unethical Decisions in Accounting Choice 4
 Conclusion 5
 References: 5


Ethical issues in accounting have gained prominence in academic discussion recently. This has been because of several accounting lapses and organizational failures across the globe which led many countries into recession. We will briefly discuss how ethics can be defined. We will move on to discuss several accounting decisions which are not acceptable. We will discuss socially unacceptable accounting decisions, illegal accounting decisions and unethical accounting decisions. We will briefly discuss several choices under each of them. Finally the assignment will be evaluated and conclusions will be made with suggestions that can be implemented in future for better accounting choices.<br />

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