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Essay on Ethical Leadership

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  Ethical Leadership – Theoretical Perspective
  Core principles of ethical leadership should be incorporated in all corporate


The aim of the paper is to discuss and develop a model of ethical leadership to address ethical issues encountered in an organization. There is a large body of research as well as personal experience highlighting on a number of ethical concerns occurred in an organization while working as a leader or as a follower. The paper looks at leadership theory from ethical perspective and reflects on ethical concerns which rose up by working in a team. Furthermore the paper defines the leadership theory which best suits the needs in respect to ethical challenges encountered in the theory of leadership. <br />After doing an extensive research on the topic it can be concluded without any doubt that very little research has been done on the theory of ethical leadership which today needs to be grounded in corporate principles for a successful company growth. Though very little is published on theoretical concepts of ethical leadership but the topic is of immense importance as companies began to merge globally.<br />The paper is a personal reflection paper based on module experience and work experience in organizations. It states the fact, a bundle of ethical concerns encountered and which have been associated with the theories on ethical leadership with my personal experience. The paper at length describes the various theories on moral development which are essential to motivate ever larger variety of people. A more humanized behavior of the team leader or a member would initiate a participative audience and broaden understanding of moral duties and responsibilities. <br />The paper goes on to analyze the moral gaps encountered by working in a team. I have shared my personal experiences during my experience in a bank where my profile was into sales and marketing. It is rightly said by someone that working in a sales profile is toughest of all the job profiles but ethical leadership made it easy and quite motivating to achieve the unexpected results. In the end, I have drawn attention towards the strengths and weakness of ethical leadership in an organization which closes with a conclusion on ethical leadership and its growing importance in recent years. <br />

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