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Research Paper on the Evaluation of Working Capital Management

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The organization is looking forward to make an acquisition of a company in the oil, gas and petroleum industry. The purpose of this report is to carefully scrutinize the working capital management of a few firms in the industry and give feedback. <br />The corporations that were chosen are: Atlantic Petroleum ltd, Osterreichische Mineralolverwaltung (OMV) and Dong Energy ltd. Each has a distinct aspect to offer for this essay.<br />Working capital management is the supervision of the different of working capital components such as the current assets, current liabilities and the short term obligations so as to ascertain that a balance is struck and the company is able to meet its short term commitments as well as the operation costs.<br />Through the evaluation of the working capital management of the three firms, then we will have an insight of determining whether it is worthwhile to acquire a company in the oil, gas and petroleum industry or not.<br />

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